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Most golfers are unaware that conventional irons are not only a different length but also a different weight. This creates unnecessary complexity. Milford SL-7 irons eliminate this complexity as all irons are exactly the same length and weight. Golfers sometimes express concern about potential loss of distance using single length irons. This is where Milford Progressive Weighting Technology - PWT, comes into play. Using PWT we progressively remove weight from the 8 iron, 9 iron and PW. This reduced weight counteracts the slightly longer shaft length to ensure consistent, predictable distance. Conversely, we progressively add weight to the 6 iron, 5 iron and 4 iron. The added weight counteracts the shorter shaft length ensuring no loss of distance over conventional clubs. Consistency is also maintained from the same lie angle, offset and bounce. Milford lofts are similar to  conventional clubs.

Deep parallel hosel

for club-head stability

Conforming grooves
on club face create consistent ball contact and spin

Ultra low centre of gravity

optimises trajectory and carry distance

Milford PWT -
Progessive Weighting Technology

Visually appealing
clean, precise top line

Perimeter-weighted cavity back
ensures a large, forgiving sweet-spot

Uniform bounce on sole
ensures consistent turf interaction

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